Innovation Advisory Board Meeting – 12 August 2021

Innovation Advisory Board discussed partnership opportunities with several start-ups during the last meeting.

Empowering Banks, Credit Unions, FinTechs, Loyalty Platforms and Retailers by Digitizing Real-Time Purchase Intent in the Physical World

Founded in 2015 in Silicon Valley, CA, MALL IQ develop cutting edge, scalable, location-based mobile engagement, analytics & AI platforms, serving customers in North America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

MALL IQ is the most scalable and privacy-first Location Intelligence & AI Platform for mobile apps that is store-level accurate, both indoor & outdoor without any hardware deployments.

MALL IQ enables their clients to better monetize their current customers and increase revenues & their most important KPIs such as activation, frequency, wallet share & retention via curated real-time mobile engagement.

Based in the UAE & Turkey, Amani is a next generation AI powered Identity Verification platform built specifically for the Middle East, Turkey & North African markets

AMANI offers full suite of proprietary “Risk-based Identity Modules” coupled with a powerful Document Management Studio. AMANI can deliver a standard or customized platform to meet the exact requirements of the business.


Customized, on premise, retail and corporate, Know Your Customer solutions for the Financial Services Industry. Manage customer fraud risk & regulatory compliance for both onboarding and renewals using our powerful omni channel platform

Document Verification 

Scan your identity documents using a phone or computer and our engines will auto classify, extract and verify the documents to determine validity and authenticity. Couple with Biometrics to create a seamless system to safeguard the identity of a customer and your business.


AMANI biometrics modules combines powerful 68 point facial recognition, liveness detection, age detection, sex detection, mood analysis, behaviour biometrics and signature matching to prevent fraud. You can decide between a simple face match module, a face Liveness module or full 4D biometrics module depending on the level of risk involved.

Data Integrity 

Identify and remediate all historical, fraudulent, duplicate and non-compliant documents. AMANI data integrity offering is a consultancy led, software supported solution to generate big clean data from source documents for multiple high value use cases.


The Amani Studio is a next generation document management system to securely store and evaluate scanned documents and help manage your customer profiles, risk ratings, and renewals. Integrate third party data sets, export data, generate smart forms and perform analysis with our unique BI, Audit and cost tools.

Artiwise is the best accelerated AI and NLP company in Turkey and aims to provide cloud based analytics solutions for enterprise companies. Our main focus is to make text data understandable using machine learning and natural language processing techniques. In order to analyze data, we present our so-famous tool Artiwise Analytics which is capable of using different types of data analysis such as classification, clustering, topic modeling, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis and so on. Artiwise currently supports English, Turkish, German, French, and Spanish at linguistics level and has a plan to extend its capability with most known and spoken other languages.


  • Improve your customer experience by increasing your customer satisfaction score with artificial intelligence feature-based sentiment analysis with a success rate of 90% or more.
  • Prevent potential customer churn
  • Analyze the voice of the customer


  • Analyze millions of reviews and scores with one click
  • Scale customer feedback and turn them into actions
  • Discover trends and compare your products with rivals


  • Follow all your customers on all digital channels
  • See the financial insight of your customers with sentiment analysis
  • Increase your operational efficiency by 70% or more


  • Automatically answer correctly by understanding the intentions of your customers’ messages sent through communication channels such as chatbots.
  • Forward voice or text messages with artificial intelligence for your Voice Assistants to answer correctly.