Attracts 60,000 Euros of Investment from StartupYard

Georgian innovative cryptocurrency payment gateway was selected in the acceleration program of Czech StartupYard and received additional 60,000 Euros.

CityPay is a digital currency payment solution for businesses, allowing them to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. 

“Apart from creating a reliable and secure payment platform, we made one step forward and a little bit simplified the transferring process. As you all are well aware, transferring cryptocurrencies generally requires downloading separate wallets. We managed to be more convenient and customer-oriented by eliminating this step. Separately downloading our app is no longer required, as we are directly referred to the Blockchain network.

The future of this technology looks very bright, we encourage merchants from all over the world to embrace this technological innovation and become fast and efficient with us. We offer the simplest way to accept payments is and to provide your users with means and channels of payments by giving them your wallet address or unique QR code.”, writes the company.

StartupYard, founded in 2011, focuses on tech startups from Central Europe. They have already accelerated over 70 companies, while few of them have been acquired allowing founders to raise over €30M. Among StartupYard fields of interest are startups developing products and solutions in the robotics, internet of things, cryptography, cybersecurity, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence as well as AR and VR areas. enables more than 300 companies to offer their services to customers with cryptocurrencies.