AzDimension and Nvidia have signed a partnership agreement

A significant moment has come in the history of the Azerbaijani game industry. AzDimension and world-renowned technology company Nvidia have signed a partnership agreement. Under this agreement, all released and planned projects of AzDimension will be released on the GeForce Now service.

Geforce Now is a service created by Nvidia in 2020 and available on platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS. This “cloud” technology allows you to access a large collection of games, regardless of the power and type of computer. After signing the contract, players around the world will be able to easily discover the world of Azerbaijani computer games.

AzDimension was established in 2012 and has created several projects for computer and mobile platforms. The most popular project was The Last DeadEnd, which was released on PC and consoles. Currently, a new game is planned to be released in Early Access – “Evade The Light”.