PASHA Group companies are becoming more innovative with new PoCs

With the facilitation of Innovation Stream at PASHA Holding, PASHA Bank and Competo have started doing PoC (Proof of Concept) with several start-ups. Once PoCs will become a successful, our companies will implement solutions to serve customers at higher level using innovative solutions.

PoC with EazyShow will allow Competo to communicate with Umico customers using Video chat, which in turn will increase customer satisfaction.

EazyShow offers a secure customer communications platform for highly regulated industries. EazyShow improves digital sales and customer support with integrated, instant video experiences and powerful insights. This results in improved security and reduced cyber risk, higher conversion rate, efficient completion of funnels, and overall growth for their clients. EazyShow currently working with Competo on PoC.

EazyShow’s simple solution provides companies with a unique call-in URL for their website as well as the opportunity to send the URL directly to clients through whichever chat platforms already in use.

EazyShow is rich in features that include:

  • Mobile Video Chat– The agent can carry out a video chat conversation with a mobile customer.
  • Camera switching support – Both smartphone’s front and rear cameras can be used as needed.
  • Management Dashboard – Agents can collectively receive and provide solutions for incoming calls through a mutual dashboard.

EazyShow can be used in various flows. For example, in live chat, a text chat can be used to lead to an EazyShow session, or through your dedicated “Contact Us” webpage, where embedding a call button can allow customers to video-connect with your agents through a single click.

The need for video chat solutions is applicable in various use cases. For example,

Banks with digital services

Complete high-touch customer journeys and eKYC fast, with a secure and compliant solution for distributed teams.

Digital healthcare

Enhance the patient experience with online care. Improve compliance and insights with secure one-click HD video chat.

High-value e-commerce

Improve conversions, trust, and loyalty. Provide a digital experience online and in-store that’s better than in-person.

PASHA Bank is working on PoC with ElectrifAi, which will allow to better analyze SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises) and offer more suitable services.

Founded in 2004, ElectrifAi extracts massive amounts of disparate data, transforming chaotic structured and unstructured data into actionable business insights. The company solves business problems with artificial intelligence (Ai) and machine learning (ML). ElectrifAi currently working with PASHA Bank to build a PoC.

ElectrifAi has the largest library of pre-built machine learning models that seamlessly integrate into existing workflows to provide fast and reliable results.

Traditional Financial Services operations are becoming obsolete. With ElectrifAi’s practical Ai, you can automate tedious tasks, get superior fraud detection, deliver personalized recommendations to customers, and much more.

Use Cases That Make ElectrifAi Different

Collections Management

Customers sometimes spend more than they can pay back. Banks then must send those accounts to collections in hopes of receiving some return. Machine learning can help optimize Collections and get the most return. Such as machine learning models that help with Collections risk that identify early, mid, and late-stage risk and the probability of receiving payment, then find the RPC (Right Party Contact) so the collection outbound call reaches the delinquent customer.

Credit Line Management

Banks can earn more revenue by increasing credit lines to encourage customers to spend more money with their credit card. To do so, banks periodically check a customer’s potential to increase their credit line but not take on risk if they cannot pay the bill. ElectrifAi’s machine learning solutions take guessing out of the equation and automate Credit Line Management.

Customer Experience

To remain prosperous, banks depend on customers keeping accounts long-term. The best way to mitigate churn is to increase the customer’s experience. ElectrifAi has many machine learning models that help with producing the ultimate customer experience, such as behavior scorecard, churn mitigation, customer intent, customer segmentation, demand forecasting, recommendation engine, and more.

Fraud Management

Fraud happens every day, whether intentional or accidental. Banks can plan for this risk through machine learning capabilities. Know if a client is likely to rack up credit charges with no intention of paying the bill, where fraud is likely to occur if a merchant has been compromised, or if a client accidentally defrauds the bank by incorrectly disputing a charge. Machine learning can process thousands of data points in the time it would take a person to process one account, thereby locating saving the bank even more in potential losses.

Marketing and Cross Sell

The most successful marketing campaigns are ones that appropriately target the right people. Machine learning analyzes purchasing behavior, payment history, demographics, etc., to send promotions and upsell opportunities to those most likely to be receptive to them. Machine learning can also predict those likely to opt-out from future promotions from email fatigue to prevent losing a customer. The promotions consider those who should not take on more credit by those with poor payment histories, reducing the bank from taking on additional risk.

Risk Management

Giving credit or promotions to a customer is a risky move for banks. Carefully balancing and managing that risk to not lose money but also give the customer the best rate possible is difficult to process manually. Machine learning makes taking risks easier by accurately pinpointing the exact risk level to take for each specific customer, increasing customer satisfaction while at the same time reducing the bank’s risk.

Spend and Contract Management

Efficient contract management can help banks reduce their spend. Whether contracts with individuals, businesses, or merchants, contracts can be tedious and confusing. Machine learning can help extract key terms to indicate when contracts expire, renew, or when they should be renegotiated. All this and more can be completed faster and with greater accuracy than a person can do on their own.