The launch of the PH Kickbox program –

The presentation of the long-awaited PH Kickbox program to promote entrepreneurship at PASHA Holding took place on October 12 at ADA University.

At the event, the project team and PASHA Group executives provided employees with detailed information on the purpose of the project, expectations from participants, as well as the general application process and rules. Thus, the event began with the opening speech of PASHA Holding CEO Jalal Gasimov. Jalal Gasimov informed the employees about the general vision of our company on innovation and the contribution of this project to the innovation vision of the Holding. Then, the sponsor of the project Farid Mammadov acted as the next speaker and informed the participants about the goals and expectations of the project. In addition, Mark Randall, former Adobe Chief Strategy Administrator and Vice President of Creativity, was a special guest at the event and shared his experience in this field with the participants. Farrukh Aliyev the project manager of Kickbox in his presentation shared with the staff the terms and process of the application, as well as other details of the project. At the same time, during the event, employees were able to get initial answers by addressing all their questions to the project team.

Note that the PH Kickbox program has already been officially launched, and employees interested in the program can now register and submit their interesting ideas using the platform

For colleagues who were unable to attend the meeting, we also share a short video explaining the essence of the program.