All Insurance Offers in One Place – Startup Ganage

Ganage is a Georgian startup that recently received a GEL 100,000 grant from the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency.

Ganage is an online insurance platform that combines all insurance offers into one space. The startup already has 14 partner insurance companies, the offers of which users will be able to see on the website.

As the company’s marketing manager Tinatin Shakeladze told Business Partner, at this stage a tender board has been launched on the website, which is intended for small and medium-sized businesses.

“Through the tender board, companies have a unique opportunity to place an insurance tender in one space and receive offers from 14 insurance companies. The tender placement process is quite simple. For example, a particular company will place a conditional, property insurance tender, after which our partner insurance companies will send quotes at a predetermined time, while the company is left to choose the best offer for it. Most importantly, this service is very comfortable and convenient, because the company saves time and avoids any formalities and bureaucracy,” – said Tinatin Shakeladze.

As for the insurance of individuals, from November a new product “Ganage Insurance” will be added to the website, where it is possible to compare and purchase insurance offers.

”It was very important for us to participate in the GITA grant competition as the company is still in its process of development. We try to refine the products as much as possible and simplify the buying process. The grant received will play a big role in this case. At the same time, on September 14 we officially became a member of the European Business Association, ”said Tinatin Shakeladze, Marketing Manager of the company.