PASHA Holding Kickbox program exceeds expectations

As you know, the PH Kickbox – groupwide intrapreneurship program was launched a few weeks ago and already has some successful ideas passing the first stage.

The program was accepted with a huge interest. as more than 35 ideas were submitted within the first 2 weeks. This demonstrates our employees’ strong entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to create value for the PASHA group.

The first batch of 10 idea owners will start their entrepreneurship journey next week. During this journey, as part of the Redbox stage – employees will receive 3 coaching sessions, access to the marketplace of experts, and physical toolboxes that include necessary materials to validate the submitted ideas.

The Redbox stage for each batch will take two months, During this stage, each Kickboxer will need to validate their idea and secure sponsorship for implementing their ideas. In January, at the end of the RedBox stage, Kickboxers will have an opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of Innovation Sponsors.

Employees who still haven’t submitted their ideas can register their business ideas within the program using the link: