Startup Biliki is Getting Ready to Enter the Polish Market

Georgian application of tourist routes “Biliki” is preparing to enter the Polish market. The company, along with other startups, is part of an acceleration program organized by the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency and the Polish side, which will help the company enter a new market.

Speaking to BM.GE, Tornike Tsiramua, one of the founders of the company, focuses on the opportunities for a new market for “Biliki”. According to him, Polish people are well acquainted with the tourist routes of Georgia through the “Biliki” app and now is the time to integrate into the new market.

“Poland is a very big tourist market, where the priority is hiking. Polish people come to Georgia mainly in the direction of adventure-hiking and naturally, such a market is interesting for us. This will help us to make the Biliki even more perfect in the Polish market. Registering a company in Poland and moving to a new country will help us to master the tourist routes of the Polish market. It was not only our interest to sell the product in the new market, we wanted to show how important the Biliki is for the Polish tourism industry,” Tornike Tsiramua explained.