1,200 users have already joined PASHA Bank’s GRO business platform

More than 1,200 users have joined the GRO business platform, created by the country’s leading corporate bank PASHA Bank and launched in October this year.

Supporting market efficiency, the GRO platform brings together the country’s businesses and transforms them into a business space with transparent, convenient, and flexible procurement processes. The platform has already shared and successfully completed shopping requests from more than 400 different market segments.

PASHA Bank invites businesses to rediscover the procurement process and business relationships through the GRO platform. On the GRO platform, works such as seller search, inspection and price comparison for buyers are already fully automated. In addition, buyers can make their purchases through this platform completely online and transparently. Sellers can get acquainted with the supply purchases of all buyers in the country from this single platform, participate in surveys and increase sales.

It should be noted that the GRO platform can be used not only by PASHA Bank customers but also by customers of any bank. So far, 20% of businesses joining the new platform are customers of other banks in the market. The use of the platform is completely free, and to use the platform, it is enough to register through “ASAN İmza”.

For more information about the GRO platform and new opportunities for your business, click here: https://bit.ly/3plpo6q