PASHA Hackathon – Corporate Innovation Series

Hackathon is an unorthodox way to solve different kinds of problems. It is a competition that gathers programmers, professionals, and entrepreneurs with different skill sets to work collaboratively, on an innovative project usually on a weekend.

PASHA Holding is planning to organize Hackathon in order to target existing passive customers (customers that do not actively use banking services) or unbanked customers of Kapital Bank without an official income by increasing the engagement among existing customers or attracting new customers in using current products and services.

The registration for the hackathon is now open and will continue until 13 January. You can sign up to participate in Hackathon using the link.

During this Hackathon:

  • Create business innovation – produce ideas developed enough to be tested by the challenge owners.
  • You will have an opportunity to partner with the largest financial institution in Azerbaijan, which serves more than 3 million individuals and more than 22,000 legal entities
  • With the support of PASHA Group’s experts and mentors, you will have an opportunity to request data and statistics that will help you submit your idea and move to the next stage.

You can learn more about the hackathon using the link below: