PH Kickbox Program: 13 teams will pitch their ideas to sponsors

Kickbox Program has been launched in PASHA Group in October 2021. The main goal of the program is to identify and stimulate existing business ideas in PASHA Holding and its subsidiaries. Thus, within the Kickbox Program, employees can present business and startup ideas relevant to the field of activity of PASHA Group and work on their implementation.

[Update]: Today the total number of applications for the program is 133 ideas. So far 45 ideas were approved for the RedBox stage and 25 Ideas are still waiting for assessment.

The first batch of Kickboxers consisting of 13 teams will pitch their ideas to sponsors on 10 February on Demo day.

We wish our colleagues success in the implementation of their ideas!

Note that If teams are successful, ideas will move to the next stage, the bluebox (pilot). Only when the results are positive at all stages the owners of the idea will be able to create a product or startup.

It should be noted that the Kickbox project continues in our companies, and any employee can apply to the program with their business idea. All you have to do is enter the Kickbox platform and complete the application form.