PASHA Insurance has developed an Artificial Intelligence model

For the first time, an Artificial Intelligence model has been developed and presented in cooperation with PASHA Insurance’s Fast & Furious Squad and the Insurance Claims Department, which operates within the Auto and Property Insurance block. The model was named “Exorcist” by the team.

The model measures the likelihood of fraud in PASHA Insurance events and informs the relevant department staff. The system was launched in January, and in the first release, 25% of the probabilities coincided with the facts of real fraud. This model, like all AI models, will be self-developed and will become a very perfect model in the future, further optimizing the work and valuable time of the relevant department.

The steps taken by PASHA Insurance employees to “become an insurance company offering the most advanced insurance solutions in our country and region” are commendable.
Congratulations to colleagues and good luck in future activities!