DOCUMOOD to facilitate contracts to be signed online

On February 22, 2022, the Park Inn Hotel hosted a presentation of the DOCUMOOD platform, which received a Startup Certificate from the Small and Medium Business Development Agency.

The platform was established to reduce the use of paper in the signing of contracts and other agreements and the introduction of electronic solutions in this area.

In short, is designed for online contract signing. Users will be able to easily sign contracts without going anywhere by logging in with the “Enhanced Electronic Signature”.

The main priority of the project is to protect the confidentiality of companies. Thanks to the Documood platform, which brings innovation to Azerbaijan, entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers and other stakeholders are gaining significant advantages. Documood plans to continuously increase its functionality and bring more benefits to its users in the coming months.

The presentation was attended by many important people, entrepreneurs and government officials.

Mr. Vugar Zeynalov, Vice President of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Sabuhi Kazimzadeh, Head of the Documood Project, made presentations on the project. After the speeches, the participants received answers to their questions about the platform.

You can take advantage of the platform by visiting