Locavis: The first car-sharing platform in Azerbaijan

Locavis is the first car-sharing platform established in Azerbaijan. Locavis is a platform where users can easily share their vehicles and earn money.

It is possible to rent a car and share a private car through Locavis. The platform can be used by both companies and individuals. Thus, users can search for the car closest to them through the mobile application and get acquainted with its conditions.

The company’s goal is to make car share and transportation anywhere in the world easy and affordable, regardless of location or country, to ensure low prices and quality, to create a new area to generate revenue from the digital market and to promote environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly energy.

Locavis is also aware of the problem of global warming.

In general, as a result of increased technology and production, the use of private cars has already reached its peak in some countries around the world. And this brings the rate of global warming, which is growing every year, and its consequences to a significant extent with each passing day. But Locavis, in turn, is trying to stem global warming. Car sharing is actually designed so that individuals do not need to own a car. Thus, the application, which significantly simplifies the sharing prices, also gives preference to electric and other Green Vehicles vehicles, low interest rates and increasing demand from users, as well as encouraging other car owners to move to this category. Gaining environmentally friendly habits or practices, less impact on environmental pollution, as well as freeing car owners and tenants from additional costs (fuel, engine oil, filter replacement, etc.) and thus saving time on environmentally friendly transport The use and further dissemination of the means is planned. That is why Locavis is expected to be used, used and widely distributed in a number of countries within the next 5 years within the eco-friendly environment.