10 Azerbaijani startups have been selected for the Tech Bridge program

Note that these startups will present their solutions in the online Demoday, which will be held on April 7 this year. 💥⚡️

  1. AllinUs is a startup that studies people’s opinions by conducting surveys about the products and services that companies want to produce.
  2. Braille Teach, Inc. is a startup that helps visually impaired people learn the Braille alphabet.
  3. DropbyDrop – Startup plants plants using an automated smart system as an alternative water source.
  4. Glorri, Inc. – The main goal of the startup is to help employers adapt their recruitment strategies to a constantly changing work environment.
  5. Hitechlegalservices – software that brings together all contract management processes and defines the query functions for the conclusion and preparation of contracts.
  6. Satelyzer – Using satellite imagery, the startup monitors plantations and provides information that farmers and other stakeholders can use on their farms.
  7. Scout – this startup supports children’s, youth and disabled football, encourages their development in sports, and on the other hand helps to attract these people to sports clubs.
  8. SkyBee is an unmanned aerial vehicle that performs the function of pollination for crops and plantations and develops agricultural productivity.
  9. Stubie – Stubie is an online platform for hiring independent education consultants and aims to increase the efficiency and transparency of the university admission procedure in foreign countries.
  10. Yoochamp is a platform that brings together both organizations and young people.