Local startup Braille Teach got $215,000 investment from GHR Foundation

Braille Teach has received a $ 215,000 investment grant from the GHR Foundation, a global financier who hopes to serve people and their endless potential for good. With this grant, mass production of Braille Teach will begin. This is an important step forward in reaching out to visually impaired children, youth and adults around the world. Braille Teach inventor Rashid Aliyev and his business partner Gwendolyn Burchell MBE consider this great gift “not only as an investment in Braille Teach, but also as a commitment to create new technologies to help people with disabilities develop products.

We are very grateful to the GHR Foundation for the initial support of our mission. ” The United States will be the first market for Braille Teach, followed by the UK, Australia, New Zealand, India and the rest of the world. Braille Teach can be programmed in any language corresponding to the Braille alphabet. “We are open to anyone who wants to join, support and invest in our products,” Braille Teach officials said in a statement.