The world’s first Metaverse hackathon was held in Turkey

The first Metaverse-focused Hackathon, which took place worldwide, was held on March 11-12-13, 2022 by GamFed Turkey in partnership with Coderspace and Pera Games. Let’s take a look at what happened in this remarkable event.
We are in a period where the concept of metaverse gains value and becomes popular day by day. This concept and the limitless world that fills it contain many important details that will shape our future. As with every new technological big step; It is of great importance to know what the metaverse means and to be involved in its development.

However, as a result of the period we live in, it is not so easy to reach accurate, unmanipulated information about any subject. At this very point, emphasizing the importance and future of the metaverse; Activities that undertake the task of conveying the subject to the relevant audiences in the best way are very critical. The world’s first metaverse-focused hackathon, which could lead to these events, took place in our country in the past few weeks.

A productive event was held where everything about Metaverse was discussed.

In Metaverse Hackhaton 2022, which was held on March 11-12-13 by GamFed Turkey, the Turkey Representative of London-based International Gamification Federation Gamfed, in partnership with Coderspace and Pera Games, many valuable academics and important names from the industry came together with the competitors in the teams participating in the hackathon. talked about everything about the metaverse.

In the hackathon, in which more than fifty teams participated, dozens of projects that the participants worked on were evaluated. The 48-hour hackathon marathon is structured in the form of 10 different Metaverse-related topics, 10 supporters, 10 judges, and 10 teams. The teams came together with the mentors, developed their projects and made their presentations. In addition, many events such as Decentraland meetings and panels about metverse were held during the hackathon.

After a long and enjoyable marathon, the awards provided by 10 different supporters were presented to the winning teams.