Financial solutions provider Paymes merges with PayTabs

Paymes is launching a new collaboration to empower merchants in the Middle East and North Africa region with social commerce solutions.

According to the information conveyed by Paymes, the venture is merging with the payment company PayTabs, which is among the important players in the Middle East and North Africa region. With the merger of Paymes and PayTabs, Paymes Turkey office will become the management center of Eurasia operations of PayTabs.

The initiative will also serve PayTabs’ offices in the MENA region with its products for social commerce under the Paymes brand, and accordingly, its products will reach all of EMEA. Let’s add that with the merger, Paymes and PayTabs teams will work together to launch products for PayTabs offices in 2022, with the goal of capturing the majority share of the micro-sellers’ market segment.

Founded in 2014 by Abdulaziz Fahad Al Jouf in Saudi Arabia, PayTabs provides online, mobile and social commerce payment solutions for SMEs and e-commerce businesses.

Stating as Paymes, Turkey’s and Azerbaijan’s leading payment platform in social commerce, they have joined forces with PayTabs, one of the leading payment institutions in the MENA Region, Paymes Co-Founder Sabrican Zaim said: He also stated that they are preparing to compete as a global brand with five fintech companies.

Zaim also shared that they will activate their services in many countries with the new planning of the Eurasia operation, which will include the existing Turkey office. Stating that their merger with Paymes is a great opportunity to expand our footprints in the field of Financial Technologies, PayTabs Founder and CEO Abdulaziz Al Jouf also expressed that they will shape the future of payment technologies with the global synergy they have created with Paymes.