Entrepreneurs can now accept payments with smartphones

Kapital Bank offers a new Mobile POS service to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs for the first time in Azerbaijan. Launched jointly with the State Tax Service and Visa under the Ministry of Economy, the service will now allow entrepreneurs to accept payments from cards, smart watches, stickers, and other contactless payment methods via smartphones instead of the traditional POS-terminal. This service was developed by the international IT company IBA Group.

To use the service, it is necessary to have a smartphone with Android operating system and NFC module, as well as a user of the Customer Bank system. Applying this innovation, which is mainly suitable for small entrepreneurs operating in the trade and service sector (hairdressers, tailors, couriers, taxis, shoe repair, kiosk owners, food sector, small trade, fruits and vegetables, etc.), provides additional POS-terminal equipment There is also no need to carry it. To connect to the service, you can do it online for free through the Customer Bank mobile application without visiting Kapital Bank branches.

To connect to the service, the Customer must enter the relevant information of the company and users from the mobile application of the Bank, the order must be signed by an authorized person through ASAN İmza. Upon completion of the connection, an e-mail and notification will be sent to the authorized person. You can accept payments via Mobile POS and also view transaction history and information of available Mobile POS terminals. This innovation will be applied to users of other operating systems in the near future.

It should be noted that a number of services can be easily and safely used through the Client Bank: urgent transfers, budget payments, opening a current account fully online, joining a salary project, income to salary cards, ordering and delivery of salary cards, ordering business and entrepreneur cards, domestic and foreign non-cash transfers, conversion operations, account control, receipt of statements, order information, online loan product order (overdraft, credit, guarantee, fast tender, etc.), cashing by QR, Click payment service, etc.

To connect to the Customer Banking system, it is enough to go to https://cb.kapitalbank.az/login or call (+99 412) 310 09 99. It should be noted that it is possible to get up to 25% discount on all transfers made through the Client Bank system.