Marti completed its investment round with a valuation of $100 million

Founded in 2018 and pioneered the spread of electric scooter transportation in Turkey, and has experienced a great growth adventure in a short time, Martı has reached a valuation of 100 million dollars. The venture was valued 5 times more than the income it earned in 12 months before the B series investment.
Martı came to the fore with a new success today. The company operating in the field of shared electric vehicles, B series investment round closed and shared the last valuation reached.

According to the information on Crunchbase, companies such as Actera, EBRD, Bossa Nova Investimentos, Kevin Ryan, BECO Capital, Autotech Ventures and Endeavor Catalyst participated in Martı’s Series B investment round. Martı, which provides service with 20 thousand vehicles before the investment tour, It had a turnover of 20 million dollars in 12 months.

Martı reached a valuation of 5 times its turnover

According to the latest information shared by Martı, the initiative is currently $100 million valuation with 5 times its annual turnover. With this success, the startup surpassed other publicly traded startups and companies worldwide in terms of valuation multiplier.

Martı, in our country, mainly produces electric scooters, electric bicycles and mopeds. It serves with 3 different models. Aiming to add value to the Turkish economy and the micromobility industry, the company also continues its pilot studies with other two- and four-wheeled vehicles.