CollaB2B – International Online B2B Sales Platform in Georgia

CollaB2B is an international online B2B sales platform that offers users information about suppliers and buyers in the market and convenient, secure, and effective access to all the services needed to use this information, which greatly simplifies the wholesale trade process.

The author of the idea is the CEO of the company, Davit Khorbaladze. He personally came across the problem of the inefficiency of the wholesale trade process and began to think of ways to solve it. He was first joined by his brother Avtandili, CTO and then the company COO – David.

“The process of developing the idea and shaping its business plan was very diverse, involving all three co-founders of CollaB2B, which resulted in both the creation of an innovative idea and its technological and process development. We have already become the winner of one international accelerator and introduced CollaB2B to the Polish market, we also won the GITA co-financing grant project and in 2 weeks we will complete the prototype. Currently, CollaB2B is part of the joint acceleration process of Impact Hub and Startuper.”

As the representative of CollaB2B mentioned with CBW, they aim at connecting businesses on the international market.

“CollaB2B will be launched on the Georgian market this year, which will enable Georgian businesses to present their production and export it, or carry out cheap imports of intermediate products required for production.”

CollaB2B has three founders: CEO, Davit Khorbaladze, who has long-standing experience in developing business and seeking investments, the second founder is Avtandil Khorbaladze, CTO, who is a graduate of MACS School of Free University. He has more than 5 years of experience in software. He also worked at Microsoft Office in Washington. Avtandil Khorbaladze – CTO, MACS School graduate with more than 5 years of experience in software, worked at Microsoft Office in Washington. As for the COO, Davit Giorgadze is a graduate student of Skema Business School and has been an import/export manager and marketing campaign planner.

“Since the process of working on startup development is quite complicated and stressful our team tries to make this process comfortable. Our morning starts with 20-minute meetings where short-term goals and activities are planned. Currently, we are divided into three directions and each of the founders is responsible for its area however, all three founders have been involved in making important decisions.”

CollaB2B currently has a contractor company working on the platform software, with the CTO overseeing the platform development process. As for the future plans, CollaB2B actively works to find investors.

“We plan to expand our team within the time period of 1 year, enter the market of Georgia, and establish ourselves here. After this, our plans involve closing the Pre-Seed Investment Round and joining the markets of Poland and Turkey.