Azerbaijani startup, Uvodo, raises $300K pre-seed investment round led by Khazar Ventures

Digital agencies and freelance developers are struggling to deliver flexible eCommerce solutions for their merchants. Since there is no foundational building platform for eCommerce developers, developing core eCommerce solutions every time from scratch causes losing time and money.

With our domain expertise from the previous eCommerce projects, we saw the pain points of online merchants. Those pain points include limitations of customization, shared-data, and high-cost maintenance and optimization. With the evolution of eCommerce and customer experience trends, requirements are changing fast. And, developing customized eCommerce solutions to meet merchant’s ever changing needs requires investing additional time and money. Thus, this results in burnout and slowing down the performance of developers.

That main idea behind Uvodo – a self-hosted, headless, source-available platform for eCommerce developers. It is an eCommerce building engine for digital agencies and freelance developers to increase their velocity.

Team has announced the closing of the $300K pre-seed round led by Khazar Ventures angels, with the participation of the MBA Club Investment Network and re-investment by the co-founders. All the funds will be used on product development and team expansion.

Our mission is to help eCommerce developers speed up the transition of retail to eCommerce fastly on a global level, and we set our goal to become their first choice among eCommerce building platforms.

Product development

Currently our focus is product development to level up from Beta to Alpha stage. We’re going to improve the core functionalities of Uvodo and deliver the requested features which are in high demand. Those features include the international payment solutions, shipment services and conversion tools which are vital for eCommerce businesses.

Uvodo eCommerce php

For these, we need more players in our team to speed up the process of product development and level-up.

Expanding the team

As a team, our vision is to create the best in class eCommerce building infrastructure for digital agencies and freelance developers.

Currently, we’re a team of 10. The team consists of eCommerce enthusiasts and experts who are dedicated to creating the most customizable eCommerce platform.

Uvodo team