The 4th Demo Day took place within the PASHA Holding Kickbox program on June 24, 2022

On June 24, the Innovation team organized the fourth Demo Day. Six teams presented their projects to Innovation Sponsors, out of which, one team gained support from two sponsors – PASHA Holding and PASHA Life, and moved to the BlueBox stage.

  • Dtech Technological Development Center – Zaur Izmayilov, PASHA Life

Following the Demo Day, the total Investment amount has reached 429,366 AZN for projects in the BlueBox stage

We congratulate our employees on this special moment and wish them the best of luck with the proof of concept (PoC)!

For colleagues who were unable to join Demo Day, we have attached a video link of the event:

As a reminder, PASHA Holding and its strategic assets have launched the KickBox program since October 2021. The main purpose of the program is to develop internal entrepreneurship and develop innovation culture within-group employees.

Since the program’s start, we have reached 186 ideas that help to spread corporate innovations, more than 57 projects have proceeded to the Ideation process otherwise called Redbox, while 14 ideas have already been approved for the BlueBox phase. The Innovation Advisory Board confirmed the submitted proposals, and the owners of the ideas have already started developing their products.

On the 10th of February, 13 teams presented their projects to the Innovation Sponsors during the first demo day. By obtaining support from sponsors, 7 of these projects proceeded to the BlueBox phase. On the second demo day, which took place on March 15th, the second group of six teams presented their ideas to the Innovation Sponsors, and 3 of these projects progressed to the BlueBox stage. On the 13th of May, the third group of 6 teams presented their ideas to the Innovation Sponsors on the third demo day. It is promising that 2 of these ideas have been approved for the next round, the BlueBox, by gaining support from sponsors.