The 5th Demo Day Took Place within the PASHA Holding Kickbox Program on July 19, 2022

On July 19, the Innovation team organized the 5th Demo Day. Six teams presented their projects to Innovation Sponsors, out of which, the following 2 teams gained support from sponsors, and moved to the BlueBox stage:

  • Wallet to Wallet – Bəhruz Qasımov from PASHA Bank sponsored by PASHA Holding:
    • The existence of Crypto currency in our world is undeniable. This project addresses the problems in this field and presents a solution. The “Wallet to Wallet” project will be a reliable platform for performing buying and selling services between crypto users. Through the platform, users will agree to make deals. The deals will include “crypto to crypto” and “crypto to real currency” operations.
  • Umico B2B Market – Shahhuseynbayov Ulvi from Competo sponsored by Competo:
    • B2B marketplace can become a new part of the Umico and Pasha Pay ecosystem. The retail market is the last one that technological solutions have not yet reached. With all the diversity, B2B marketplaces globally solve the same tasks – they simplify the interaction of all market players and bring them to a new level.

Following the Demo Day, the total Investment amount has reached 484,866 AZN for projects in the BlueBox stage.

We congratulate our employees on this special moment and wish them the best of luck with the proof-of-concept (PoC)!

Additionally, below is the list of the four RedBox projects that did not pass to the BlueBox stage:

  • RateIT – project aimed to maximize customer satisfaction and service level in all service areas presented by Mushvig Guluzada, PASHA Bank
  • Giftvavo – AI powered instant gift web market place where you can select a gift and send it to your friend within minutes via SMS presented by Elnara Mammadzada, PASHA Bank
  • GiftOn – an online platform that will unite all stores and services and help an ordinary consumer buy a gift certificate for any category, presented by Zohrab Aliyev, Competo
  • ipoteKA –  the platform will allows users to provide verified information about real estate, from verified sellers, as well as verification of realtors presented by Natik Aliyev, Competo

For colleagues who were unable to join Demo Day, we have attached a video link of the event:

As a reminder, PASHA Holding and its strategic assets have launched the Kickbox program since October 2021. The main purpose of the program is to develop internal entrepreneurship and boost innovation culture within group companies.

Demo Day Updates

Name of EventDate of EventNumber of ProjectsNumber of Winners
1st Demo DayFeb-13, 2022137
2nd Demo DayMar-15, 202273
3rd Demo DayMay-13, 202262
4th Demo DayJun-24. 202261
5th Demo DayJul-19, 202262
Total 3816

Kickbox Updates

Total number of Ideas189
Redbox Projects64
Bluebox Projects16

The Innovation Advisory Board confirmed the submitted proposals, and the owners of the ideas have already started developing their MVPs.