Turkish Investment platform Yancep was introduced

Yancep’s mobile application, which allows investing with small amounts, has been introduced.

The Turkish startup, which started with a $350,000 investment from Gedik Investment, hiBoost and Appcent, makes financial investments “accessible” to everyone by offering personalized portfolios to people who want to invest with small amounts.

At Yancep, users with no financial knowledge can easily invest in portfolios managed by experts. Users can invest with 1 TL in Yancep, which is distinguished by the variety of funds that create the opportunity to invest in various assets. Due to changes in the financial field, the information in the application is constantly updated by experts.

Hilmi Kaya, co-founder of Yancep, stated in a statement to the media that the application is not only intended for Turkey, but will be launched in other countries as well. Azerbaijan is also among these countries.

Founded by Ege Ertez and Hilmi Kaya, Yancep is an investment platform that enables people to invest with minimum amounts without requiring any financial literacy.