Mastercard to introduce bank card payment in public transport in Azerbaijan

Mastercard is working on introducing a bank card payment option in the public transportation in Baku, Avsar Gurdal, Mastercard General Director for Azerbaijan and Turkiye said.

“For over 10 years, Mastercard has been developing urban solutions and reshaping the public transportation experience. We are uninterruptedly working with the partner banks in Azerbaijan to enable the use of bank cards for the payment of public transportation fares in Baku,” he said.

According to him, Mastercard intends to contribute to securing the leading position for Azerbaijan in the region’s cashless economy.

He stressed that Mastercard’s primary mission in Azerbaijan is to increase the share of cashless payments in favor of customers, partner banks, and all stakeholders in the country.

“We will continue implementing the initiatives addressed in the Digital Country Partnership Agreement signed with the Central Bank of Azerbaijan,” Gurdal added.