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The purpose of the event is to Inspire and Empower PASHA Group employees to support the innovation culture and find opportunities to create business value through the understanding of global best practices and learning from the unique experiences of thought leaders.

Next Innovation Day will take place on September 29, 2022 at 16:30. The following Keynote speakers will talk about resilience being a central capability of effective leaders, as well as key strength found in entrepreneurial leaders:

• Rick Rasmussen – Startup executive, serial entrepreneur, advisor, speaker
• Torben Rankine – Country Manager of Leadership Business Consulting Inc.
• Paolo Privitera – CEO Evensi, MIT MBA, Resilient Serial Entrepreneur, 6x founder, investor in 40+ companies, Google Accelerator, 500 Startups Mentor – San Francisco, California.

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Rick Rasmussen

Rick Rasmussen is a noted startup executive, serial entrepreneur, advisor, speaker and developer of economic ecosystems worldwide. He is a Silicon Valley native with several lifetimes worth of direct experience and thought leadership across industry, government, venture capital and academia. Rick has been part of five IPOs, exits amounting to over $12B. He earned an EECS degree with highest honors from UC Berkeley.

An experienced Angel investor, including membership with leading angel group Sand Hill Angels, Rick has seen exits with Intellon (IPO, Qualcom Atheros), Sage, Inc. (IPO, STM Genesis Microchip), Vaxart (IPO), and Opelin (HP). He served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) with renowned Venture Capital pioneer Institutional Venture Partners (IVP) advising investments in the semiconductor and equipment sectors. His tenure occurred when the firm made major investments into Netflix, Tivo, Juniper Networks and @Road.

He advises and mentors over 100 startups and scaleups annually. He is Head of Mentors for the European Innovation Academy and oversees the training and management of over 50 mentors each summer. He is a mentor, member of faculty and selection judge for the Alchemist Accelerator in Silicon Valley. He is a mentor for the Korean Innovation Center, the Austrian Go Silicon Valley program, Mind the Bridge as well as eō business incubators and UNIT.City NEST program in Ukraine. He advises the UNIT School of Business in Kyiv and serves as a corporate advisor for several early-stage startup companies.

Torben Rankine

Torben Rankine is Country Manager of Leadership Business Consulting Inc. (LBC) for the California market and has more than 20 years of professional experience in management consultancy in the USA and Europe. Torben has been responsible for the projects in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship in different markets, establishing the bridges to the global hub of innovation that is Silicon Valley.

Since 2011, he has been managing LBC’s acceleration/incubation programs in Silicon
Valley and also the Global Strategic Innovation (GSI), a training program dedicated to
entrepreneurs and top executives (both from private and public sector) in Silicon
Valley on topics such as design thinking, e-governance, innovation management,
entrepreneurship and angel/venture capital. Torben has been responsible for the
Innovative Portugal/ GSI accelerators as well as setting up the Portugal Ventures
accelerator in the Bay Area. He also participated in the South African strategic
definition of a business center in Silicon Valley and has been leading various industry
programs (European geo-reference businesses with SIINDA of Switzerland) and
corporate programs in Silicon Valley, such as for EDP (energy sector) and for Embraer
from Brazil.

All these programs were developed specifically for foreign start ups in Silicon Valley,
including participation of local partners and mentors to boost the growth of start-ups
in various stages of development. He has been supporting foreign start-ups in Silicon
Valley since 2008, having a very large network of relationships and deep knowledge
of the innovation and entrepreneur ecosystem in Silicon Valley.

Paolo Privitera

Paolo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) MBA, is currently the #CEO and co-founder of Evensi, the world’s largest events discovery and promotion network, with more than 200 million events, 50 million users, 10 million#eventorganizers.

Paolo is a Silicon Valley-based global #entrepreneur and strategist with a passion for innovation and growth using the power of data, strategic analysis, creativity, and teamwork.US resident since 2002, Paolo has more than 25 years of experience in tech and internet-based businesses. During this time, he has founded 6 companies, invested in more than 50, and advised hundreds.

Paolo has received 10 career awards and 4 of the companies he founded had an exit. He is also a #mentor and advisor at 500 Startups, Google Launchpad, China Accelerator, Alchemist, Start-Up Chile, Health Wildcatters, Nana Bianca, The Vault Korea, Galvanize, and Future Food Institute. He loves to give back and help other people and companies. Resilience is his best asset.