The program that converts audio and video into text in Azerbaijani was launched

If you’ve ever tried to convert audio to text, you’ve seen how difficult and time-consuming it can be. Listening to and writing a 1-hour audio recording can take 7-8 hours for a non-expert in this field. It is already possible to convert audio and video into text in minutes, not hours, and also edit text online through online software developed by local experts in Azerbaijan and working on the basis of artificial intelligence. The text received through the service, which is launched as an online software, can be downloaded in MS Word, Text, as well as SRT format, which allows you to add subtitles to videos.

Converting audio/video files to text many times faster and cheaper than listening and typing opens up new possibilities. For example, doctors can see more patients throughout the day by speaking test results instead of typing them on a keyboard. Searching and analyzing thousands of hours of unheard audio in a call center helps managers make informed decisions. People working in journalism, scientific research, meeting minutes and other fields spend a large part of their time converting audio recordings into text. Using artificial intelligence, automatic transcription service frees people from tedious work in this field and helps them focus on creative work and work with more information in a short time.

Voicedocs transcription service of Azerbaijan startup Robotics LLC is used by many public and private institutions and universities in Germany and Turkey, such as Trier University, Hanover Leibniz University, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Some of the world’s most popular qualitative research software, such as MaxQDA and Atlas.ti, support the ability to import Voicedocs transcripts. The mentioned startup is also the only member from Azerbaijan of the NVidia Inception program, which is a support and development program for startups in the field of artificial intelligence of the NVidia company. The creation of a transcription system for the Azerbaijani language by the startup was carried out on the basis of a grant project given by KOBIA. The Institute of Management Systems also supported the scientific research conducted for the creation of the system.

Note that it is possible to check the system for free by logging in here.