“Martı Store” opens in Istanbul

In August 2022 we shared with you that the Martı startup was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and will raise $280 million in total cash after the transaction is completed.

Now “Martı” has come up with another news. The technology company is currently preparing to open a store on Istanbul’s Bagdat Street. There is no information yet about what the company will sell and what services it will offer in its “Martı Store” store. According to the story shared on the official “Instagram” account of “Martı”, the estimate of this has been given to “Martı” users for now.

It should be noted that the company previously launched its “Green Kids Scooter Mini March” scooter intended for children at “Trendyol”.

“Martı”, which is currently used by millions of people, was founded in 2018 by Oguz Alper Öktem and Sena Öktem and started operating in March 2019. The start-up, which first started with the rental of electric scooters, now also offers electric bike-like vehicles and electric moped rentals.