YouTube is preparing to launch shopping features

YouTube is preparing to launch its shopping features to more content creators participating in the Partner Program. Let’s take a look at the details and requirements together…

Launched in 2021, YouTube Shopping Tools allows content creators to tag products with shopping links in their videos, live streams, and Shorts videos.

At the beginning of this year, according to the information provided by company officials, 1000 content creators in 5 countries (USA, Brazil, Korea, India and Great Britain) in 4 content types (beauty, technology, hobby and car parts) participated in the test phase of “YouTube Shopping”. During that period, about 20 brands were involved in the test phase.

However, new features for “Shopping” will start to be implemented. By the end of the year, at least 20,000 YouTube Affiliate Program subscribers in the United States, Great Britain, Brazil, and India will be able to tag products with shopping links in their videos, Shorts videos, and live broadcasts.

The new plans will be unveiled during live event called “From YouTube To You” on November 10, ahead of the shopping season, to encourage people to shop.

“During this quarter, more content creators will be able to tag products in their videos and Shorts videos,” the company said in a statement. Content creators will only be able to tag products listed in Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center is a platform that allows businesses to manage how their products appear on Google and receive shopping ads for them.

When it comes to content creators who want to promote their products, the requirements are more lenient. YouTube launched the feature in July under a deal for content creators to sync their channels with their Shopify accounts.

YouTube’s statement says that the ability of content creators to tag their products with shopping links is not limited by geography, but the channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and the target audience must not be children. While these tags are valid for “VOD” (video-on-demand) and live broadcasts, they are not valid for “Shorts” videos.

A new monetization tool for creators

Although a new feature is in the development process, Shopping could be a new monetization tool for content creators. In July, YouTube said it was testing paid content creators for tagging products through the Creator Incentive Program.

While YouTube pays content creators per click for shoppable links, this model could also pave the way for a partnership program where brands would pay content creators a commission for sales made through their links.

As the access to tools becomes easier, YouTube continues to promote purchases on the platform with prestigious events. Celebrities like PatrickStarrr and Tracee Ellis Ross showed off the latest products from their favorite brands, such as One/Size and Pattern Beauty, at the annual Beauty Festival in June.

Taking place in November and the second holiday shopping event of the year after last year’s Holiday Stream and Shop, From YouTube To You will feature live streams, videos and shorts from companies like Ulta Beauty and Tula Skincare will be displayed.