A record number of Azerbaijani startups was selected for the 500 Global Acceleration program

This year, 3 Azerbaijani startups won the opportunity to participate in the 500 Global Acceleration program, the world’s best startup accelerator. Hundreds of startups apply to the 500 Global Acceleration program every year. A very small number of applicants win the program. This year, 20% of the startups admitted to the program (3 out of 15 startups) are Azerbaijani startups. Epoint, Bonpara and Voiceloft startups are Azerbaijani startups joining the program.

Zeynal Karimzadeh, the founder and director of the Epoint startup, expressed his opinion about the program in a statement to media.

The 500 Global Acceleration center is one of the top 3 acceleration centers in the world. It goes without saying that participating in this program is the dream of every startup. The main value of the 3-month mentor program is the exchange of ideas with other teams from all over the world, sharing of experience and giving valuable advice by program representatives. In addition, investments are made in projects joining the program and there are opportunities to get acquainted with world-scale venture funds. As Epoint, we are very happy to participate in this program and we will try to make our project known in other countries.

The 500 Global Acceleration program covers more than 81 countries. Orkhan Ahmadov, the founder of Bonpara, another Azerbaijani startup that joined the program, made a statement to media.

Bonpara is a platform that helps its users to earn money from online shopping. In addition to serving ordinary Internet users, our company also provides whitelabel solutions to companies. After being accepted into the 500 Global Georgia program, our plan is to open up to new markets, start operating there and introduce new solutions that we are currently working on. Although our project is currently focused on Adtech Marketing, we aim to present a completely new product to the market by combining our E-commerce and Fintech solutions. Our expectations from the 500Global program are experience and business exchange with partners and other projects of the program.

Voiceloft, an Azerbaijani startup accepted into the 500 Global program, provides solutions based on artificial intelligence. Voiceloft collects and sells audio data. Togrul Samad, the founder of the startup, shared his thoughts about the 500 Global program with media.

The program is very well organized with help of professional mentors. The knowledge and advice we learn from mentors is very useful. The program will have many positive aspects. First of all, I would like to mention that the 500Global brand is strong enough and has a large investor network, which will help it get more investments in the next stages. After the program, our main focus will be “Fundraising”, that is, we will mainly focus on raising investment and increasing sales. We hope to gain the necessary knowledge during this acceleration program.

500 Global is a global venture capital firm founded in 2010 that invests in high-growth early-stage technology startups. Since its inception, 500 Global has supported more than 5,000 founders of more than 2,600 companies in 81 countries. His portfolio includes 45 companies valued at $1 billion and more than 130 companies valued at more than $100 million. 500 Global works closely with stakeholders and advises governments and corporations on creating entrepreneurial ecosystems for rapid startup growth. It should also be noted that the 500 Startups acceleration program is called 500 Global from September 2021.