An Azerbaijani startup received investment from Startup Wise Guys

The Pinghome, startup of Nasir Aliyev, was accepted into the Startup Wise Guys acceleration program. Pinghome is one of 14 startups that joined Wise Guys SaaS Bilbao Acceleration Program. Nasir Aliyev, who joined the program, made a statement to media.

“According to the program, I and the other co-founder Filip Samoilenko are currently in Bilbao. We participate in various sessions. Goals are set. Overall, the impression is very good and we entered the Startup Wise Guys portfolio. This opens opportunities to receive investments from VC funds in the future.” Nasir also announced that they received 70,000 Euros from Startup Wise Guys. He said they will spend this investment on product development, marketing, sales and mentors.

Continuous operation monitoring system. The startup checks from different parts of the world at 1-minute intervals and sends notifications to the team through various channels (email, push notification) when there is a change in the website or API functionality.

This app is Startup Wise Guys’ first SaaS app for startups. 14 international SaaS startups will undergo an intensive five-month program. The tailor-made program is built for early-stage B2B SaaS startups with a focus on Industry 4.0.
Note that Bolt is also a portfolio startup of Startup Wise Guys.