We have 242 ideas in total submitted, last for this year BlueBox Demo Day and the first ever GoldBox Demo Day on agenda!

As a reminder, PASHA Holding and its strategic assets have launched the KickBox program since October 2021. The main purpose of the program is to develop internal entrepreneurship and develop innovation culture within-group employees.

KickBox Updates

The Innovation Advisory Board confirmed the submitted proposals, and the owners of the ideas have already started developing their products.

The total investment amount for projects is BlueBox stage is 529,866 AZN.

Next and last BlueBox Demo day will take place on December 20 as 4 RedBox project teams will have their pitch presentation with the purpose of passing to BlueBox phase. The projects are the followings:

  1. KrediBox – Murad Gulmammadov (Kapital Bank)
  2. UmiTwo – Mehpara Gasimaliyeva (PASHA Insurance)
  3. Carelp – Musa Valiyev (Kapital Bank)
  4. Lucrum – Khalig Gafarli (PASHA Insurance)

The event will be followed by GoldBox Demo day as 5 BlueBox projects will be presenting their Proof of Concept with purpose of moving to GoldBox phase and be CEO of their ideas. The projects are the followings:

  1. Retailytics – Emil Huseynov (Competo)
  2. Around Us – Samira Qasimova (Competo)
  3. Anti-Fraud Solution – Irina Hamidova (Competo)
  4. iEMal – Heyder Ibrahimov (PASHA Investments)
  5. Life – Baghir Nuraddinov (Competo)

It should be noted that the KickBox project continues in our companies, and any employee can apply to the program with their business idea. All you have to do is enter the Kickbox platform and complete the application form.