UNEC Startup incubator launched the “BootSTART” program!

UNEC Startup Incubator launched the “BootSTART” program in order to support the implementation of startup ideas of students and other people. The BootSTART program is a 6-week intensive startup training program. The program will use the Israeli model, and many mentors and lecturers from Israel and Azerbaijan with high experience in startups, will support the participants. The “BootSTART” program, which supports bringing ideas to the concept approval and MVP stage, will continue until December 16.

After the program ends, the top 5 teams will be transferred to other stages of the incubator. Top 5 teams will be given initial investment, hosting, office residency and other digital support. A total of 67 individuals and 20 teams applied for the program. 24 people were selected from individual applications and 7 teams were formed from them. From the team applications, a total of 8 teams were selected for the program.

The program was launched on October 24 with 15 teams. During the initial meeting with the teams and the familiarization process, the general progress of the program, expectations, goals and main responsibilities of the teams were discussed. For more information about the UNEC Startup incubator and BootSTART program, you can link to the related website by clicking the button below.