Another startup founded by Azerbaijani has exited at a 7-digit valuation!

Emin Aliyev is perhaps familiar to some of you. Because Emin Aliyev is one of those who brought votes with the participation of more than one startup and projects. The founder, was remembered by the development of projects such as Mammur, Click2Call, Voice.AI, Azerics IT Consulting, Easymove, Chicago Tech, Startco Memphis. Easymove, one of the important projects established by Emin Aliyev, made an “exit” last day. For those not related to the startup ecosystem, the simplest form of “Exit” is characterized by growing up a startup and selling a startup. The Easymove project was also recorded as an “exit” with a 7-digit price.

Founded 2018, the main goal of Easymove is to offer any apartment, home transfer and furniture, solutions for the device delivery needs. The Easymove platform, which continues to operate as a kind of electronic transportation platform, was purchased by the American platform of e-trade in the last days.

According to Emin Aliyev, the amount obtained from the Easymove platform “Exit” will be aimed at the development of another launch of our compatriot. We are talking about the startup of Murmur. The main purpose of the startup of the Murmur is to mobilize the advertisement with the screens placed on the backpacks. Taking advantage of the backpack, taking advantage of a cost, on the bus, on the street, at the university, which can be advertised anywhere. The startup was established by Emin Aliyev in San Francisco and Chicago and currently operates in our country as an innovative advertising platform.