Hamsa: A new investment app for women, by women

New fintech start-up Hamsa aims to provide an investment tool to help bring financial freedom to women across the world, accessible through a mobile app.

Hamsa will offer a recurring investment product with regular payments, keeping in mind women and their lifestyles. The start-up claims 70% of women still choose to save in cash despite their financial power increasing year-on-year. With the app, it aims to close this investment gap.

“Working in senior banking positions for over 24 years has given me a deep understanding of the financial challenges women face and the clear gaps in products being offered to them,” says Oksana Sivokobilska, founder of Hamsa.

“Most do not invest as high commissions, unclear products and hidden costs create uncertainty, allowing inflation to eat away at their cash savings.

“We offer one investment product and empower you to build investing habits over time through regular payments and a supportive community anyone can join,” she adds.

The investment product will consist of an exchange-traded fund (ETF) of the top 500 global companies, accessible with a subscription model of recurring investments, without needing “significant” capital or knowledge to start with.

Hamsa says it has put its business plan, core team and technology in place, with the help of Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) partners and is currently inviting applicants on to its waitlist.