Innovation and Digital Development Agency starts the national digital intelligence project

  • In 60 cities of Azerbaijan, about 50 specialties and scholarships are offered to young people in the field of ICT;
  • For the first time in the country’s history, young people living in the regions will have the opportunity to receive vocational training and employment in digital fields without leaving their cities;

For your information, the Innovation and Digital Development Agency has launched the “Towards Digital Azerbaijan” project across the country as part of the “Technest” Scholarship Program since November 24. The Technest Scholarship Program, which started in September 2021, is now available to young people who want to study ICT free of charge in all regions.

Towards Digital Azerbaijan

It should be noted that within the framework of the “Towards Digital Azerbaijan” project, a series of meetings are held with young people in the regions, and candidates interested in ICT are immediately invited to interviews. “Technest” Scholarship Program staff hold mobile meetings in cities, educate young people on digital literacy, and at the same time direct them to test exams.

During the first meeting with young people held on November 24 in the city of Mingachevir, 20 participants successfully passed the trial exams organized on that day and won the “Technest” scholarship. Within the framework of the official meetings held in Mingachevir, productive discussions were held with the head of the city executive power and the student-teacher staff of Mingachevir State University. The possibilities of purposeful use of innovative infrastructures created in the field of ICT in the city were discussed, as well as proposals for the establishment of Development and Research Laboratories at Mingachevir State University, where 3,700 students study.

Now, the number of people who have received scholarships within the framework of the “Technest” Scholarship Program is 618. 546 of them have already earned the title of graduate.

It should be noted that 226 of the total scholarship owners are students, and 90 are 2nd and 3rd year students of higher education institutions. In addition, the employment rate of “Technest” scholars is 90%. These numbers suggest that Technest graduates are in high demand in the labor market as ICT specialists.

It is expected that by the end of 2023, the number of students studying under the “Technest” Scholarship Program will reach 3,000 people.

The Innovation and Digital Development Agency cooperates with 12 leading training centers specializing in ICT in the country for the professional and efficient organization of the educational process within the Technest Scholarship Program.