“Technest” Scholarship Program opens new opportunities for women living in the regions of Azerbaijan

Young ladies living in the cities of Guba and Lankaran will participate in coding classes within the Coders Caravan project.

“Coders Azerbaijan” Education Center, USAID and the Black Sea Cooperation Fund jointly launched the “Coders Caravan” project within the framework of the “Technest” Scholarship Program implemented by the Innovation and Digital Development Agency. Within the framework of the project, a total of 20 young women aged 18-35 from the cities of Guba and Lankaran will be given professional training on “Full Stack” programming. The duration of the program will be 7 months, and the teaching will be organized in a hybrid online and offline format. During the training period, where two professional trainers and four mentors will participate, participants will have the opportunity to work on real projects and gain practical experience. At the same time, the participants will participate in various seminars and networking events on the weekends and significantly develop their skills in the relevant field. At the end of the course, students will present individual project work and receive certificates for successfully completing the course.

Project Management Specialist of the USAID mission in Azerbaijan, Emin Mammadli, noted that “economic empowerment of women is one of the main priorities of the USAID organization. We are happy to support the project aimed at training women specialists in a field dominated by men.”

It should be noted that a meeting was organized in Baku with the participation of 20 women selected to participate in the trainings, the responsible employees of Innovation and Digital Development Agency, “Coders” Training Center, USAID and BST congratulated the ladies, wished them success in the educational process and presented souvenirs.