About Us

Innovation is one of key pillars that enables the successful implementation of other priorities. In other words, in order to successfully create data infrastructure and governance, develop and expand our ecosystem, digitize at scale all our businesses and do all aforementioned with agility we need to become innovative inside and out.

We aspire to become an organization where innovation is part of our DNA and every member of PASHA Group is encouraged to innovate, to be creative and to dream big. With this in mind, Innovation Stream was established to foster such an environment that truly encourages our people to be innovators while in their day jobs as well as bringing innovation from outside via partnering with global innovation ecosystem players.

We realize that innovation can happen both internally and externally. Lately, during fast pace turbulent times, most companies increasingly relied on external innovation to acquire digital capabilities quickly and navigate a plethora of novel technology. While there are a lot of benefits of bringing innovation from outside, we believe that the best outcome can be achieved from the blend of both internal and external innovation.

Our Innovation Vision is threefold:

  • To become an innovative business
  • To foster innovative culture within PASHA Group
  • To become the most Innovative brand in Azerbaijan

To ensure successful implementation of Innovation Strategy, you will soon hear about numerous initiatives such as:

Innovative Business: As part of Innovative business we aim to stay ahead of the market through innovating at all levels. To achieve this we are building:

  • Innovation Framework: To facilitate innovation at our SAs we are building an Innovation framework that removes barriers to innovation efforts at respective companies.
  • Pipeline of start-ups:To bring innovation from outside, we create a pipeline of relevant startups as per innovation needs of SAs through sourcing via various tools such as partnership with VC firms, accelerators, incubators, universities, embassies and other innovation ecosystem players.

Innovation Culture: Building Innovation culture internally is a prerequisite for becoming an innovative business. As an example the following initiative will support our efforts of building an environment that truly encourages our people to be innovators in their every day jobs.

  • Group Wide Ideation Program:  The program will encourage and allow our employees to submit their ideas and support employees along the entrepreneurial journey. 

Innovative Brand: To enhance the brand image as an innovative Brand Innovation Stream will organize series of events such as: Series of events: Hackathons, Conferences and Internal Events