Mar 15, 2023 85

The Azerbaijani startup, E-LEGAL, received a funding support of 40,000 AZN


E-LEGAL was chosen as one of 13 recipients of a grant worth 20,000 AZN from the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBIA), that operates under the Ministry of Economy. This selection was made based on the startup's innovative and competitive business plans and vision from a total pool of 236 applicants. The grant will offer ongoing financial assistance to the startup. E-LEGAL has successfully finished all the stages of the acceleration program offered by SABAH.lab, which is an initiative of the Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan. As a result, the startup received an additional funding of 20,000 AZN. With the assistance of the SABAH.lab team, which includes experts from Azerbaijan and other countries, the startup is expected to continue growing and developing its strategic vision further.