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Journey to Success: An Inspiring Interview with Goldboxer - Samira Gasimova


Samira Gasimova's entrepreneurial spirit and determination serve as a true inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs within our organization. Her journey from an innovative idea to a thriving business exemplifies the power of belief, adaptability, and perseverance. We hope that her story will encourage and empower others to pursue their own dreams and take the first step towards making a difference in the world of innovation.

In this edition of our Innovation Newsletter, we have the pleasure of featuring an exclusive interview with one of our outstanding Goldboxers, Samira Gasimova. As the founder of Around.az, Samira embarked on an entrepreneurial journey driven by a genuine passion to address a significant gap in the market - the need for a quality service for mountain climbing enthusiasts. Through the Kickbox program, Samira's vision for Around.az has become a reality, offering an enriching experience that explores the mountainous beauty of Azerbaijan and fosters unforgettable memories. In this interview, Samira shares her motivation, experiences, and valuable insights that have contributed to the success of her venture.

1. Can you please introduce the idea behind your entrepreneurial journey and explain why you started it?

Answer: On the creation of the product, I was pushed by a real problem in the market - the lack of a company with a quality service to create and organize mountain climbing.

2. What motivated you to become an entrepreneur? Could you share the current status of your idea and elaborate on what you are currently working on? Additionally, what are your future plans for your venture?

You can read Samira's interview below:

Answer: The main focus of Around.az is mountain climbing. The mission of the platform is to explore the mountain beauties of Azerbaijan to absorb the culture of different nations accompanied by professional guides and excellent company. We are very attentive to the choice of partners.

3. Could you share your experience participating in the Kickbox program and explain how it contributed to the development of your business?

Answer: We very much appreciate regular customers and those who come again on the recommendation of friends. When I had the idea to create the Around.az platform, I dreamed that the time would come when we would be able to fulfill a request for any mountain in our beautiful country. Whether it is an individual trip, package, or corporate tour. Dreams come true.

At the moment, we can handle any corporate request related to mountain climbing in Azerbaijan. Firstly, the physical health benefits are enormous. Secondly, you get a chance to see places you have never seen before. Thirdly, mountain climbing is literally team building. Colleagues become closer to each other, and mountains teach you to change, to make decisions, and to be ready for changes. Mountain climbing is very much like the functioning of a company in miniature. You are heading towards your goal - the summit. The path is not easy, and you encounter difficulties along the way. It can be hard for some of the group to go forward, but the members of the group help and support them. In the end, you reach the top.

4. During your time in the Kickbox program, what were the most challenging aspects you encountered? How did you overcome these challenges?

Answer: We were learning how to register a company, open an account, and document management — when you do it for the first time, there are a lot of negative emotions. The phrases that flash through your head are: "What kind of bureaucracy is this?", "Why is everything so complicated?", "How much time and effort does it take us!". At some point, you just learn to accept it as an inevitable part of the project. After all, you are creating a product. Who said it would be easy?