Jul 26, 2023 957

"Embrace Your Inner CEO: Kickbox Inspires Entrepreneurship at Pasha Group!"


In a bid to nurture creativity and innovation, the Internal Innovation team recently conducted a series of empowering Open Door sessions for employees of Pasha Group Companies. Held on July 18, 19, and 20 at Pasha Management Company, Pasha Bank, and PashaPay, respectively, these sessions aimed to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship among the workforce.

If you've been nurturing an idea or are curious to explore this exciting movement, visit ph.getkickbox.com and take the first step towards becoming the CEO of your own venture. Join Open Door sessions and together, let's redefine the future of entrepreneurship at your Pasha Holding groups of Companies!

Throughout the presentation the Internal Innovation team gave detailed information about the Kickbox program,the journey of entrepreneurship and encouraged employees to explore their potential as startup founders. The enthusiastic response from participants at each location was truly inspiring, reinforcing the belief that the next groundbreaking startup could be born within the organization.

More Open Door sessions are on the way to provide every employee with an opportunity to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t miss your chance to join.