Jul 26, 2023 796

Pasha Group Expands Kickbox Program to Non-Financial Assets


Pasha Group's renowned Kickbox program, designed to foster innovation among its employees, has recently been expanded to include Non-Financial assets. Formerly limited to the Financial sector only, this move opens up new avenues for creativity and entrepreneurship within the company. The program's successful pilot launch in Pasha Management Company has opened the way for its gradual implementation in Saffron, Bravo, Agro-Dairy, and Blue Planet.

The Kickbox program's expansion signifies Pasha Group's commitment to driving innovation and empowering its workforce across all companies, providing equal access and support to all people with ideas. Now available to Non-Financial assets, the program enables employees to pitch and develop their creative ideas with the support of resources and mentorship. By simplifying the review process and eliminating bureaucratic hurdles, the program fosters a more inclusive and dynamic environment for idea development.

We heartily welcome PMC at Kickbox community of innovators and look forward to new success stories and ideas to be implemented. Welcome onboard!