Aug 09, 2023 512

The First "Graduate Day" of Azerbaijan Cyber Security Center took place!


The first "Graduation Day" was held at the Azerbaijan Cyber Security Center (AKM), which was established in 2022 with the cooperation of the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, Innovation and Digital Development Agency with Israel's "Technion" Institute and the support of the "Pasha Holding" group of companies.

A convergence of influential figures marked a momentous occasion as Deputy Minister of Digital Development and Transport, Samir Mammadov, Israel's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Azerbaijan, George Dick, and a delegation from the esteemed "Technion" Institute, joined forces with representatives from various institutions and companies. The event, a celebration of accomplishment and collaboration, highlighted the remarkable strides achieved in the realm of cyber security.

Deputy Minister Samir Mammadov set the tone by inaugurating the event with a compelling introductory speech. His emphasis on the contemporary significance of cyber security resonated powerfully, shedding light on the evolving landscape of digital threats. Mammadov delved into intricate details of the year's exploits by the Azerbaijan Cyber Security Center (AKM), painting a vivid picture of their endeavors.

Among the esteemed speakers, Israel's Ambassador George Dick stood out, rendering his perspective on the establishment of the Azerbaijan Cyber Security Center in tandem with the prestigious "Technion" Institute. This partnership was hailed as a testament to the potency of international collaboration in tackling the intricate web of cyber security issues. Dick's insights underlined the efficacy of uniting talents and resources from distinct corners of the globe.

The event reached its crescendo with the acknowledgment of exemplary graduates during the "Graduate Day" festivities. Notable achievers who had excelled in their training and champions of the enthralling "Hackathon" were rewarded for their prowess. Subsequently, the spotlight shone on 60 graduates, who were presented with well-earned graduation certificates by the distinguished dignitaries in attendance.

Drawing attention to the rigorous selection process, it's worth highlighting that out of an applicant pool of 2300 individuals, a mere 60 emerged triumphant, securing their opportunity to delve into the realm of cyber security. These select students undertook an immersive journey, encompassing cutting-edge strategies, groundbreaking technologies, and innovative practices within the domain. The training was divided into two streams, delineating between the defensive (Blue Team) and offensive (Red Team) skillsets, all taught in English by the accomplished faculty of Israel's prestigious Technion Institute.

A six-month intensive training period came to life, with students engaging in face-to-face classes at the AKM premises from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. This intensive regimen ensured a comprehensive grasp of the subject matter, bolstered by real-world application and direct interaction with instructors.

Notably, the Azerbaijan Cyber Security Center's ambition remains unwavering. Over the ensuing three years, the center envisions cultivating and refining the skills of approximately 1,000 cyber security specialists, casting ripples of enhanced protection and resilience throughout the digital landscape.