Aug 09, 2023 720

The Azerbaijani team won the World Startup Championship!


Students of "Miniboss Business School Baku" were declared the first winners among the teams of more than 20 countries at the Startup World Championship held in Glasgow.

In a resounding testament to young innovation and entrepreneurial prowess, the students of "Miniboss Business School Baku" have etched their names in history. The global stage of the World Startup Championship in Glasgow, Scotland, bore witness to their remarkable feat as they clinched victory in the competition among children and teenagers aged 6-16.

Amidst the participation of over 20 countries, it was the "Econotes" team that emerged as the beacon of excellence. Their triumph wasn't a mere victory; it was a masterclass in innovation, profitability, project scope, media coverage, and adeptly fielding the jury's challenging queries. By embodying these ideals, the Azerbaijani team achieved a feat that resonated across borders, securing the world championship title.

At the heart of this victory lies the "Econotes" team's brainchild – an ingenious startup concept that captured hearts and minds. Their innovation? Pencils with seeds encapsulated in the tip. The pencil, after fulfilling its writing duty, becomes a vessel for germination as it transforms into a seed capsule. This venture not only blends innovation and profitability but also bears the stamp of eco-consciousness, encapsulating Azerbaijan's dedication to sustainability.

The journey to Glasgow was marked by determination and cultural pride. In the vibrant showcase of "Country Day," Azerbaijani students bedecked in traditional attire offered a slice of their heritage through local treats, souvenirs, and a lively national dance performance by Rena Adigozalova. Dilshad Farhadzade's stirring violin performance added to the cultural tapestry.

The competition itself was a rigorous test of mettle. "Miniboss Baku Business School" students presented their projects in a selection round that pitted them against international scrutiny. A diverse jury representing various nations evaluated their ventures across five categories, revealing the depth and rigor of the championship.

Esteemed Azerbaijani figures played pivotal roles in the competition's narrative. Rufat Atakishiyev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBIA), and Farid Mammadov, the head of "Iteca Caspian," lent their expertise to the jury panel. The projects spanned an eclectic array – from "Challenger" to "BeSafe" and "Yummy Gummy," showcasing the breadth of youthful ingenuity.

The event reverberated with educational undertones. "Eurowoman: Global Leadership Forum 2023," a vital component of the World Startup Championship, offered a platform for Narmina Hasanova, the visionary founder of "Miniboss Business School Baku." Her speech on "Education of Reliable Entrepreneurs of the Future" illuminated the importance of nurturing future-ready entrepreneurial talent.

In the glow of this victory, the "Econotes" team has not only etched its name in the annals of achievement but has also underscored the power of education, innovation, and cross-cultural exchange. Their story resonates as an embodiment of promise, forging a path toward a brighter future where young minds shape transformative narratives.