Aug 09, 2023 1007

Redbox Cohort 2 Accelerates with Inspiring Workshops and Mentorship


While everyone is in a relaxed summer mood, the participants of RedBox Cohort II are working hard in workshops and mentorship sessions. Hamid Hamidzade's market analysis workshop was followed by check-in sessions, offering participants guidance on their entrepreneurial journeys.

If you want to become part of this community of exceptionally driven and motivated entrepreneurs and make the change you have always been waiting for - join the 3rd Cohort. Just reminding you that the deadline for submitting your idea is August 24th! If you were waiting for a sign to start, then this is it.

In the past two weeks, Cohort II members benefited from an insightful market analysis workshop delivered by Hamid Hamidzada - head of Agile Governance at Pasha Bank. Throughout the session, teams were provided with valuable tools and frameworks to understand their competitors and markets as well as calculate how big is the market they are tapping into. At the end of the day, finding large markets with unmet needs is the most important thing for an idea to turn into a profitable business.

Equipped with the knowledge from the workshop, teams went to do the fieldwork, collect the data and conduct the analysis, which was discussed in the check-in session. Such sessions are a platform for teams to present their findings and discuss them with mentors. As serious as it sounds, the check-in sessions are a fun, lively experience for teams to be heard, to make new friends and connections, and of course, to get a boost of inspiration to develop their projects.