Aug 23, 2023 570

FTIHUB brings together the fintech ecosystems of Turkey and Azerbaijan!


Turkey & Azerbaijan Fintech Forum, which will be organized by Fintech Innovation Hub - FTIHUB, will host the leading names of the financial technology sector of Turkey and Azerbaijan at Baku Marriott Hotel Boulevard on September 6, 2023, and shed light on the digital finance world of the future.

An event of groundbreaking significance is on the horizon as the Turkey & Azerbaijan Fintech Forum, orchestrated by the visionary minds at Fintech Innovation Hub – FTIHUB, is set to unfold on September 6, 2023. Anticipation is mounting as this forum promises to convene the foremost luminaries of the Turkish and Azerbaijani financial technology landscape under one roof, casting a spotlight on the evolving realms of digital finance.

The grand stage for this exchange of ideas will be none other than the illustrious Baku Marriott Hotel Boulevard, where experts, innovators, and industry leaders will gather to collectively illuminate the path toward the digital financial universe of tomorrow.

This forum is a collaborative endeavor, welcoming participation from esteemed institutions, including the Azerbaijan Financial Technology Association and the Turkish Payment and Electronic Money Institutions Association. Distinguished figures from the dynamic landscapes of Turkish and Azerbaijani fintech, spanning cross-border payment solutions to visionary Buy Now Pay Later models, will grace the event. Through collaborative discussions, these industry representatives will unravel new opportunities, fostering synergistic collaborations that transcend borders.

The spectrum of discourse at the forum is wide-ranging, encompassing the intricacies of digital payment ecosystems, the fortification of financial security, the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, and the blockchain revolution. A constellation of luminaries and domain experts will share insights and forecasts, dissecting current trends and envisioning the trajectory of the digital finance horizon.

At the helm of this visionary undertaking is Kutay Yalınkılınç, the visionary founder of the Fintech Innovation Hub – FTIHUB. He is the driving force behind this transformative event, designed to disseminate the latest advancements and innovations in the fintech sphere. More than that, it is a unique platform that unites Turkey and Azerbaijan, two influential powerhouses in the region, to converge on the crossroads of innovation. The goal is to forge connections, catalyze collaborative ideation, and unveil solutions that resonate strongly with participants.

Yalınkılınç encourages early registration, as the forum's capacity is set at an intimate gathering of only 150 participants. He underscores the pivotal role each attendee will play in this dynamic exchange of ideas, shaping the contours of the future digital financial landscape. This event is poised to be a nexus of insight, where the future is not only envisioned but molded by the collective visionaries and trailblazers of the fintech universe.