Aug 23, 2023 650

Azerbaijani startup Qoor enters the 2 trillion dollar market!


There have been interesting developments in the startup market in Azerbaijan recently. Both the state's interest and support in this field and the fact that local experts are already coming up with more innovative ideas are creating interesting projects. And now Qoor, a startup founded by Azerbaijanis exactly one year ago, will start operating in the Turkish market.

Exciting things are happening in Azerbaijan's startup world, driven by the country's support and local innovation. Exactly one year ago, an Azerbaijani startup called "Qoor" made its debut in Turkey's tech market, signaling a new chapter.

Starting in the city of Izmir, Qoor plans to expand to other cities soon. Targeting a massive $2 trillion market, Qoor has gained recognition by joining Turkey's top ITU Cekirdek program, a leading acceleration hub. Notably, Qoor is the only Azerbaijani startup in this program this year.

Even though Silicon Valley is famous for startups, Turkey is also known for its dynamic startup scene. Turkey has given rise to billion-dollar companies like Yemeksepeti, Insider, and Getir. Now, Qoor, an Azerbaijani startup, is making its mark in Turkey's thriving startup ecosystem. This isn't surprising, given Qoor's entry into a $2 trillion market.

Qoor now needs to excel in its startup accelerator program. Getting into ITU Cekirdek is a big deal as thousands of startups apply, but only a few get in. This achievement showcases Qoor's potential and makes Azerbaijan proud.

Qoor will gain valuable benefits from this accelerator program, including mentorship, networking opportunities, and guidance. At the program's end, Qoor will present to investors on a big day where more than 300 million TL is invested each year.