Aug 23, 2023 859

PASHA Hackathon 3.0: Solving Umico Market workflow problems!


The hackathon encourages students, business and marketing professionals, designers, and coders to solve existing workflow problems and create new ideas implemented by Umico Market.

The countdown has begun! The registration gates for the much-anticipated 2023 hackathon, presented by "Hackquarters" in partnership with "PASHA Holding," are now officially open. Welcome to PASHA Hackathon 3.0, a thrilling 48-hour competition designed to ignite innovation and spark fresh ideas. This hackathon is your chance to join forces with fellow students, business mavens, marketing gurus, design aficionados, and coding wizards, all while tackling real-world challenges and crafting solutions that will make waves in the Umico Market.

The stage is set for ingenious minds to shine. From revolutionizing customer and vendor engagement to empowering Umico Market partners and content creators, PASHA Hackathon 3.0 covers a spectrum of categories. The spotlight is on inventive approaches that boost profitability, enhance user experiences, and transform the Umico Market ecosystem.

But this isn't just about competition—it's about collaboration. PASHA Hackathon 3.0 will rally tech communities across major cities, generating not only game-changing concepts but also opportunities for companies to scout top talent, assess teams, and expedite innovative projects to market.

When the judging time arrives, originality and innovation will take center stage. Our esteemed panel of judges seeks solutions that break boundaries, defy conventions, and offer fresh perspectives. Creativity, unconventional thinking, and out-of-the-box problem-solving will be the touchstones of excellence. The icing on the cake? A compelling prize pool: the champion takes home a cool 6000 AZN, the runner-up secures 4000 AZN, and the third-place winner celebrates with 2000 AZN.

Don't miss out on this chance to be part of something extraordinary. Dive into the PASHA Hackathon 3.0 and be prepared to witness your ideas evolve into game-changing realities. Register now to secure your spot in the innovation arena: