Sep 05, 2023 620

Marc Randolph, one of the founders of the Netflix platform, is coming to Baku!


Another valuable representative of the technology field is coming to Baku. So, Marc Randolph, one of the founders of the modern Netflix platform, is coming to Baku for the biggest innovation summit in the region.

Prepare for a tech extravaganza as Baku gears up to host one of the founding minds behind Netflix, Marc Randolph. He will be gracing the stage at the upcoming InMerge Innovation Summit, making it a star-studded event in the technology world. As a reminder, we previously highlighted the InMerge Innovation Summit, a flagship event where Tedroid Media plays a pivotal role as a media partner. This summit promises to be a congregation of tech luminaries, including Steve Wozniak and Çağlayan Çetin.

At the age of 65, Marc Randolph co-founded Netflix alongside his friend Reed Hastings and served as the company's CEO for an extended tenure. His track record also boasts stints on the board of directors for notable companies like Getable, Raffer, and ReadyForce. Although Netflix was initially founded in 1997, it was only in 2007 that Randolph and Hastings pivoted to establish the modern Netflix platform. Today, Netflix is a global phenomenon, captivating millions of viewers worldwide.

The InMerge Innovation Summit, under the auspices of PASHA Holding with support from Trendyol Group, seeks to unite innovators, leading tech enterprises, industry pioneers, startups, and forward-thinking investors in Baku. This summit is open to anyone passionate about driving transformation in their respective domains, integrating into the innovation ecosystem, and harnessing strategic networking for personal growth. Secure your tickets promptly for this exceptional event, scheduled to take place at the Baku Congress Center from November 30 to December 1. Anticipate more exciting updates and surprises, so stay tuned!